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Artist: Brad Kolb

Mural Project

We (and hopefully you) will be adding splashes of color to downtown Powell with a new mural on the plaza at 211 N. Bent Street. Designed by Scott Larsen, the colorful wave will function as a giant paint by number with individuals, clubs, and organizations invited to join the creative fun by helping paint the wall.


We are seeking volunteers to work in two-hour shifts during the daytime and/or evening from May 24 to June 1. Groups can be organized in two sizes: from five to eight people or from nine to 16. All participants will be required to sign a liability waiver.


 “Our goal is for many people to be able to say they helped bring color and life to the community with this project.” Wetzel noted families or groups of friends are welcome to sign up but asks that children come with supervision. Individuals are also encouraged to register, and Plaza Diane will organize groups of single volunteers.


If you don’t want to paint, but would like to help with the project, Plaza Diane will accept donations to help with the cost of materials. A gift of $47 will purchase a gallon of paint for the project. This community project is made possible with the cooperation of Mike and Donne Reile who own Cut and Sew. The mural design is being painted on the wall of their building which faces the plaza. A dedication and volunteer celebration will be held at one of Plaza Diane’s Plaza@5:30 Summer Music Events after completion of the mural. To register or learn more, contact Katie Stensing, Plaza Diane coordinator, by May 13 at or 307.271.1264.

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