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The Plaza

Plaza Diane Community Center for the Arts is the result of collaboration among multiple community organizations and citizens who worked with the City of Powell to create a center for arts and culture in the heart of our downtown shopping district.

2001: The outdoor space at the corner of 2nd and Bent Streets was named Plaza Diane in honor of Diane Elmer Bonner, a city councilwoman, a community builder, and artist.

2002: The City of Powell complete the first renovation of the 1945 gas station building at Plaza Diane using $150,000 from Community Development Block Grant funds. The hope was to attract a high tech business to lease the space.

2007: After five years with no lease, the City considers selling the building. A group of citizens stepped forward and asked the council to consider converting the land and building into a community arts facility.

2008: The City of Powell received a Community Facilities Grant to further renovate the building and outdoor space at Plaza Diane. The LEED certified project added a kitchen, accessible public restrooms, solar panels, a roof for the stage, raised gardens, and a splash pad.

2009: The City contracted with a nonprofit organization to operate the community arts center. A grand opening celebration was held on August of 2009.

Plaza Diane Community Center for the Arts leases the plaza and building from the City of Powell for $1 annually. Ongoing maintenance of the facility and operational expenses are Plaza Diane's responsibility. We are grateful for the community donations and grant funds that allow us to carry out our mission.


Our mission is to enrich our community by providing access to the Arts and encouraging artistic endeavor.

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