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Artist: Barb Luther

The Center of the Community

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Art Club @ Plaza Diane

For March Art Club, Wilson Crawford will teach the kids the science and creativity needed to make a successful mobile.  Come join us!

Art class for children in grades 1st through 5th.  The cost is $5 and Art Club goes from 3:30 - 5pm.  Class is taught by Katie Stensing. Snack is provided. Please do not wear fancy clothes.


3/9 - 4/8
Opening Reception for Wilson Crawford

Grab a friend and come downtown to Plaza Diane this Thursday evening to enjoy our gallery filled with artwork hanging from the ceiling and on pedestals made by artist Wilson Crawford. We will have treats and refreshments. Come visit with Wilson, and friends while enjoying his work moving above you.  Wilson's exhibit will be in the galery from March 9th through April 8th.  


Game Night @ Plaza Diane!

Game night has come to Plaza Diane!  January 21st will be our first night!  Come enjoy board games you already know and love, or learn a new game!  There will be expert leaders at each table!

There will be snacks and treats to enjoy.  See you at 7pm January 21st!  18 and under need to come with an adult. 


Meet the Artist

Wilson Crawford

Born in southern Colorado, Wilson Crawford has been painting for the last 50 years of his life. It is only within the last three years, since his semi-retirement, that he has been able to concentrate on painting. He paints primarily in oils; however, Wilson still enjoys drawing in graphite of which he draws bone forms, particularly skulls. Most of Wilson’s oil paintings are landscapes. For many years Wilson made kinetic mobiles and flat plate steel sculptures. Last year he begun sculpting wax figures which he finds most interesting.

Wilson considers himself lucky to have lived in some of the most beautiful places in the west, Cody, Wyoming; Taos, New Mexico and Telluride, Colorado to name a few. Observation and interaction with the landscapes of the west form the core experience of his life. Painting from memory not a from a photo, Wilson captures the essence of a place but not a literal reproduction.

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